Municipal Energy Champions Program

Advisory Services

This pilot program supports smaller municipalities manage energy better by providing free support for energy champions involved in municipal operations.

Why participate

The Municipal Energy Champions pilot project helps small municipalities manage energy use. This program offers free support for municipalities interested in developing a municipal energy champion.

Participating in this program will help you:

  • understand the importance of energy use and management,
  • complete energy assessments,
  • move forward in the energy planning process,
  • see financing options to offset the costs of energy projects,
  • identify opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects,
  • develop an approach for energy management initiatives.

Municipal Energy Champions commit approximately 10 to 15 hours a month to complete the six-step program within six months through webinars, workshops, phone calls and more:

  • Step 1. Learn the basics of energy management
  • Step 2. Gather preliminary data of municipal energy consumption
  • Step 3. Design an energy consuming systems map
  • Step 4. Build an energy profile of the municipality
  • Step 5. Complete a macro-energy audit
  • Step 6. Understand how to construct an implementation plan

The findings from this pilot project will help inform future energy extension services for municipalities.

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Six municipalities have been selected to participate in the pilot the program. Municipalities were chosen based on their need for energy management support.

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The Municipal Energy Champions Pilot Program is currently closed to new Expressions of Interest.

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