Alberta Municipal Solar Program

Funding Programs

Receive funding to install solar on municipal facilities or land to generate power and reduce your environmental impact.

Why participate

Installing a solar PV system will:

  • create jobs and help your local economy,
  • generate free power any time the sun is shining for your system’s entire 25+ year life,
  • demonstrate your municipality’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility,

By investing in a solar PV system now, you can begin to see immediate savings on your electricity bills and reinvest those savings into other priorities across your municipality. Even if you don’t produce 100 percent of the energy you consume, solar reduces your utility bills and can save you money.

Tip: Download the resources to learn about solar pv technology, calculate the costs, understand permitting and how to engage your community.


Municipalities in Alberta can submit multiple applications, but each municipality can only apply for rebates up to $1.5 million, including any bonuses. 

Municipalities must engage the public as part of the project.

Receive a rebate per watt of total installed capacity ($/W), up to 30% of eligible expenses, as per the table below.

Total Installed Capacity (DC)


<10 kilowatts


10 kilowatts to <150 kilowatts


150 kilowatts to <2 Megawatts


2 Megawatts to 5 Megawatts


Tip: First time applying? Get a bonus rebate of $0.25/watt (maximum of $250,000) is available to municipalities that have not previously participated.

Get started

Tip: No time? Choose a solar installer that will do this all for you.

Need a little boost to convince your council? Contact our staff, request a webinar for your next meeting, or register for an upcoming webinar.

See how no municipality is too big or too small to participate.

26,722 solar PV modules installed

10MW installed solar energy capacity

Save money – Save the planet. It’s a win-win.

If this program sounds right for your community apply now and start making a difference today!